Herrmann-Hitchcock Season at City Screen

In conjunction with the Herrmann-Hitchcock conference at York St. John University, City Screen is showing four great collaboratons, including the world premiere of a new score for THE LODGER.

Sunday 20 March, 2.45 – THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH  (PG) introduced by Dr Steve Rawle

Unavailable for decades and made twice by Hitchcock, the film starring James Stewart and Doris Day begins with a family on holiday in Marrakesh becoming embroiled in an assassination plot. As well as Hitchcock's cameo role, look out for the composer Bernard Herrmann conducting the orchestra at the Albert Hall.

Tuesday 22 March, 8.30 –  MARNIE (15) introduced by Dr Robert Edgar-Hunt

A star-studded adaptation of the Winston Graham novel. Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedren) is a complex character: smart, sexy, a liar and a thief. Blackmailed into marriage, she spends virtually the entire movie under a microscope as Mark (Sean Connery), the ostensible hero, can't decide whether to possess, protect, or analyse her.

Saturday 26 March, 7.00 – The Tippett Quartet performs Ben Burrows’ new score for THE LODGER (PG)

Employing an Expressionist style, Hitchcock described THE LODGER as "his first true film" and subtitled it "A Story of the London Fog". A murderer obsessed with blondes, a love triangle, accusations flying... it's fascinating to see how the director used the camera to tell the story in the silent era. Our screening will be enhanced by live music and a new score presented in conjunction with York St John University.

Sunday 27 March, 2.45 –  VERTIGO (PG) introduced by Professor Charles Barr

In this classic developed from the novel ‘D'entre les morts’, a detective with an irrational fear of heights investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, and becomes dangerously obsessed with her.



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