Muppets from Space


United States 1999, 88 mins
Director: Tim Hill
Starring: F Murray Abraham, Jeffrey Tambor, Rod Shneider, Josh Charles

Jeffrey Tambor, David Arquette, Hollywood Hogan, Ray Liotta and Andie McDowell join Gonzo, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Rizzo in an extraterrestrial adventure centering around Gonzo's search for his past.

On a quest with buddy Rizzo to find his real family, Gonzo discovers that his long-lost relatives are actually aliens from a distant planet.

After announcing to the world on Miss Piggy's talk show, "UFO Mania", that he is living proof that "we are not alone in the universe", Gonzo becomes the target of K.. Edgar Singer, a paranoid government operative

In the end, Gonzo must not only escape the singer compound, but decide to either board the mother ship and join the family that he has always wanted or to stay on Earth with the friends he has always known and loved.

First-time director Timothy Hill helms the family entertainment..

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