Iago on the Couch


2013, 90 mins

Created by the Institute of Psychoanalysis, Iago on the Couch is the first of a series of filmed discussions exploring some of Shakespeare’s most complex and compelling characters. Iago on the Couch sees four pre-eminent figures in the theatrical and psychoanalytic fields engage in discussion about the richly enigmatic character of Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello.

In a discussion chaired by Don Campbell, former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society, actor Simon Russell Beale, director Terry Hands, and analysts Ignês Sodré and David Bell engage with this most notorious of Shakespeare’s characters. Extensive theatrical experience and psychoanalytic expertise meet in a deeply involved and wide-ranging examination of Shakespeare’s arch manipulator.

On 7th December 2009, in the apt surroundings of London’s Freud Museum, the discussion was filmed live by candlelight around the dining room table previously owned and used by Sigmund Freud himself.

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