Henry V


United Kingdom 1944, 137 mins
Director: Laurence Olivier

Made at the height of the Blitz, Olivier’s dazzling adaptation of Shakespeare's classic drama of victory in the face of overwhelming odds was to bring new hope and resolve to embattled Britons. Yet it is far from mere propaganda. Olivier’s innovative approach starts out with a rather rag-tag bunch of actors performing the play at The Globe. The film gradually increases in scale and grandeur, until the confines of the stage are completely left behind – and the transition from theatrical to cinematic experience is complete. The cavalry charge at Agincourt, with its ranks of armoured knights galloping full tilt in the blazing sunlight, must rank as one of the most rousing moments in British cinema. Not only a stunning directorial debut, but quite simply one of the finest Shakespeare adaptations ever committed to film – presented here in a new digitial restoration.

Preceded by a discussion with very special guests.

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