Tales from the Two Puddings


2012, 120 mins

We are proud to present, in association with Newham Bookshop, In Conversation with Eddie Johnson. He has been the landlord of the celebrated Two Puddings in Stratford for 40 years and father of Matt Johnson of The The fame, who will also be speaking at this event.

In 1962, exactly 50 years before the Olympic Games rolled into Stratford, the Johnson family took over the Two Puddings, the most notorious pub in the area.

Due to the combination of its cream-tiled walls and the volume of blood spilt, it was also known locally as the 'Butcher's Shop'. It became one of London’s busiest and most fashionable pubs of that era, attracting a large, colourful cast of disparate characters including renowned actors, writers, singers, musicians, champion boxers, infamous gangsters, television personalities and World Cup-winning footballers.

TALES FROM THE TWO PUDDINGS is a poignant, at times hilarious, look back upon a lost world of East End eccentrics, local villainy, vindictive policemen, punch-ups, and practical jokes.

After the show Eddie Johnson will also be signing copies of his book bought at the event.

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