Mission to Lars


United Kingdom 2012, 74 mins
Director: James Moore, William Spicer

Lars Ulrich is a heavy metal God, the drummer of Metallica. Tom Spicer has a form of autism and lives in a care home in a sleepy Devon seaside town. Lars is touring the world, playing to 30,000 howling metal fans every night. Meanwhile Tom has had a dream for 20 years: to meet his hero, Lars. Tom's siblings, Kate and Will, feel guilty that they don't do enough for their brother so they make Tom's dream their mission. This is Mission to Lars.

Of course, things do not go to plan. The dream of a Californian road-trip becomes a nightmare as Tom's disabilities, the dysfunctional family, and heavy metal's labyrinthine backstage world thwart the Mission at every turn. Can the siblings pull it together and when they do, will the hairy world of metal welcome them?

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