Fast Girls


United Kingdom 2012, 91 mins
Starring: Noel Clarke

Shania (Crichlow) and Lisa (James) are from different worlds, but with one thing in common: they can run. Fast.

As they are two of the best young female sprinters in the country, the logical thing is to match them up with two others and form an unbeatable 4 X 100 sprint relay quartet. The problem is, Shania isn't very good with teams. She and Lisa are soon at loggerheads on and off the track.

A strong cast of young British stars is supported by some excellent turns from older hands, including Rupert Graves (MADE IN DAGENHAM) as Lisa's former Olympic-winning father, Philip Davis (VERA DRAKE) as Shania's mentor and Noel Clarke (KIDULTHOOD), who co-scripted, as the coach who has to get the FAST GIRLS working together. A feel-good drama for this sporting summer.

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