Rewards Terms & Conditions


  1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable from 4th April 2011 and replace all previous versions.

  2. 1.     Participating Cinemas

1.1.  The cinemas participating in the Picturehouse Rewards Scheme (“the Scheme”) are Stratford Picturehouse, London and Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool (“the Participating Cinemas”).

1.2.  No other Picturehouse cinemas are participating in the Scheme and items purchased there will not contribute to Scheme members’ points totals.


  1. 2.     Joining the Scheme

2.1.  Membership of the scheme is free and will be given on application.

2.2.  Scheme members are required to provide their first and last names, email address, mobile telephone number and date of birth.

2.3.  Scheme members are requested to provide other information including contact details and details of their preferences.

2.4.  Scheme members can request a Reward card when they visit one of the participating cinemas.

2.5.  Picturehouse Members will be signed up to the scheme automatically as part of their membership benefits.

2.6.  Picturehouse Members can use their membership card as a Reward card.

2.7.  The scheme is not open to Picturehouse staff.


  1. 3.     Earning Points

3.1.  Scheme members will earn one point for each complete pound (£1) that they spend at the Participating Cinemas provided that their Reward card is presented at the time of the purchase (or added to an online purchase by using the ‘Use Membership’ facility on the website).

3.2.  Points cannot be added to a Scheme member’s account retrospectively.

3.3.  Points are added to Scheme members’ accounts overnight and so will not be ready for use until the following day.

3.4.  The Participating Cinemas may, at their discretion, hold promotions at various times to enable Scheme members to earn additional points.

3.5.  Points do not have an expiry date.

3.6.  Points have no value until converted into Rewards.


  1. 4.     Claiming Rewards

4.1.  Scheme members can use points on their account to claim Rewards offered by the Participating Cinemas.

4.2.  Details of the Rewards available will be on display at the Participating Cinemas.

4.3.  The total on Scheme Members’ accounts will be reduced by the number of points redeemed.

4.4.  The Participating Cinemas may, at their discretion, hold promotions at various times to enable Scheme members to use their points to obtain additional Rewards.

4.5    Points can not be used to get free tickets to premium priced events.

4.6.    If Scheme members use points to get a free ticket for a 3D film they will still need to pay the 3D supplement (including the payment for glasses).


  1. 5.     Account Termination

5.1.  Scheme members must keep their accounts active by adding points or claiming rewards regularly.

5.2.  Scheme Members’ accounts will expire (and all the points will expire) if the account has not used for two years or more.

5.3.  We reserve the right to withdraw accounts at our sole discretion if we reasonably believe that there has been any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme.


  1. 6.     Scheme Expiry

6.1.  The Scheme does not have an expiry date. However, we reserve the right to end it at any time by giving a minimum of six months notice which shall be given by notifying Scheme Members on the website.


  1. 7.     Scheme Operation

7.1.  The Scheme is operated by City Screen Limited, 16-18 Beak Street, London, W1F 9RD.

7.2.  The Scheme is operated at City Screen’s sole discretion and may be amended or withdrawn at any time.