The Island President


United States 2012, 101 mins
Director: Jon Shenk

Following the recent dramatic events that have seen Mohamed Nasheed removed from office, Jon Shenk's documentary is more relevant than ever. The former Maldivian president has dedicated his political life to bringing democracy to his beloved island. But all his efforts could be about to be washed away. With the oceans rising at an unprecedented rate the Maldives, the lowest-lying country in the world, is facing the very real prospect of being submerged below sea level.

In this topical and eye-opening environmental documentary, Jon Shenk (LOST BOYS OF SUDAN) follows Nasheed on a journey across the globe to find a viable solution to climate change. But will he be able to act fast enough to save his nation from going under? THE ISLAND PRESIDENT shrewdly tackles this global crisis from a human angle.

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