The Angels' Share


United Kingdom 2012, 101 mins
Director: Ken Loach

Acclaimed British director Ken Loach (KES, LOOKING FOR ERIC) returns to the screen with this heartwarming new film with a spirited twist.

Young offender Robbie (newcomer Brannigan) narrowly escapes a prison sentence. While carrying out his community service he meets and befriends a ragtag band of ex-cons, all of whom are finding it nigh on impossible to get jobs due to their criminal records. Through a series of coincidences the gang stumble upon an ultra-rare barrel of whisky and hatch a hare-brained scheme to purloin it and start their lives afresh.

A bittersweet yarn about second chances and new beginnings, THE ANGELS' SHARE marks a welcome return to lighter form for Loach after the sombre ROUTE IRISH (2010). A truly crowd-pleasing comedy with shades of THE FULL MONTY.

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