The Amazing Spider-man 3D


Duration:136 mins
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) dons the red mask for this reboot of Colombia's Spider-Man franchise.

Like a lot of teenagers, Peter Parker (Garfield) feels he doesn't quite fit in. Unlike most, he has a mysterious past, superpowers to get used to, and a battle on his hands against the Lizard, evil alter ego of his father's old research partner, Dr Connors (Ifans). Plus the NYPD are on his back, under the mistaken impression that Parker's other self, the web-shooting superhero Spider-Man, is some sort of vigilante thug.

Garfield is on top form, bringing out both Parker's lonely vulnerability and Spidey's free-wheeling, wise-cracking style. With a top-notch supporting cast and some exhilarating action completing the mix, this is a high-octane, first-rate film re-launch for the much-loved comic hero.

Contains moderate violence and injury detail.

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