JUJU! Feat AWALÉ + Special Guest AAR MAANTA!


JUJU presents and represents the finest hand-picked selection of true roots music from the soul of Africa, the Caribbean & way beyond.

Blending raw, untouched traditional music with genre-crossing fusion performances..

We are VERY pleased to announce the incredible AWALÉ as our guests for Juju this month...

They're really very very good.... Really. Plus to top it off, they're bringing the very special AAR MAANTA along for an exciting collaboration just for us too! We. Are. Very. Lucky. Awalé are An extremely inventive blend of afro-jazz, taking influence from, and echoing the sounds of afrobeat, Ethiopian funk and Eastern European harmonies cooked the Awalé own way for everyone’s enjoyment

They play an extremely inventive blend of afro-jazz, creating grooves in time signatures and cycles of various lengths, resulting in a joyous polyrhythmic stew.

They take influence from, and echo the sounds of afrobeat, Ethiopian funk and east European harmonies.

The band’s guitarist Thibaut states that he began by taking elements of afrobeat but with an unusual groove.

Having cuban master Noda on board, they teamed up with some of London’s fierce players on the jazz scene who have played with the likes of Jamie Cullum, Madness and Dub Colossus.

This is topped off by Badia’a of Tunisia adding rootsy vocal spice to create a sound that has worldwide influences, cooked their own way for everyone’s enjoyment.

*** Aar Maanta *** Considered the voice of the new generation Somalis in the UK, British Muslim singer, songwriter and music producer Aar Maanta moved to the United Kingdom due to the Somali civil war of the early 1990’s.

Despite the significant increase of expatriate Somalis in recent years, there were no music bands that play live Somali music outside of Horn of Africa.

Realising this need and the need to promote his album, Aar Maanta set up a multinational band that reflected the diversity of his musical influences and his base city of London.

Aar Maanta is now the only Somali music artist in Europe that is successfully fusing traditional Somali music with a variety of contemporary influences.

Recognizing this achievement in 2010, Star Africa Radio of Paris referred to Aar Maanta as a “a Somali culture shaper in London.” With Afro-vinyl MASTERS DJ Volta 45 and Chief Commander Yaaba taking to through till you can dance no more....

8.30pm till 1AM £6 / £5 / £4 .

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