Chasing Ice


Duration:76 mins
Director: Jeff Orlowski

Winner of the cinematography prize at Sundance 2012 and of numerous other awards, CHASING ICE is an achingly beautiful documentary about a very pressing concern: climate change.

The engaging James Balog, a National Geographic photographer, was for a years a global warming sceptic, but shooting a cover story on glaciers forced him to change his mind as he witnessed his subjects quite literally melting away before his eyes. Using time-lapse photography over months, years and three continents, Balog created powerful mini-documentaries of glaciers ‘calving’ – breaking up and falling into the sea – and in some cases simply disappearing into dry land.

Director Orlowski has interspersed these images with footage of Balog at work and TV news clips on the consequences of climate change, alongside scientific and political arguments from both sides of the debate. A stunning, captivating work.

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