All is Lost


United States 2013, 106 mins
Director: J. C. Chandor
Starring: Robert Redford

Alone in the Indian Ocean, his sailing boat crippled by a ditched, half-submerged shipping container, Robert Redford’s anonymous character in ALL IS LOST must take increasingly desperate measures in order to survive, beset by mounting calamities as his physical resilience and mental resolve gradually weaken.

Scene after tension-building scene, the film is light years away from writer-director Chandor’s last movie, MARGIN CALL, a talky ensemble piece about financial malfeasance. With virtually no dialogue and his presence in almost every frame, this is a hugely challenging role for Redford. It would be reckless to reveal the ending, but rest assured that it represents a bold step in his remarkable renaissance; few actors of any generation could pull off such a performance.

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