UNFLAPPABLE plus Ritzy Shorts

The Ritzy New Stories shorts are back!

Sunday 29 July, 3.00

Thursday 2 August, 6.45

Last February The Ritzy launched a short film competition aimed at local filmmakers, and during the Ritzy 100 closing celebrations we presented the best of local filmmaking talent to a full house. 

Now, to celebrate the release of local documentary UNFLAPPABLE, we are bringing back the audience favourites! Not to be missed!


Directors: Neil Arun, Will Aspinall. UK 2012. 24 mins

Cairo. Tunis. Tripoli. Brixton? In 2011, the Arab world was seized by revolt. Inspired and unemployed, two friends form South London hatch a plan to unite their neighbourhood. UNFLAPPABLE is the story of the Brixton Flag. It is a comedy about community, friendship and the quest for the perfect flagpole. It is also an affectionate, offbeat portrait of Brixton - the only place in London where a leftfield scheme about flags could get a fair hearing.

Preceded by:

Audience Winner: SHIRIN

Director: Stephen Fingleton

Shirin has dinner alone with her father in their small north London home. With her mother absent, little is said between them, until Shirin reveals she is going out for the evening.


Director: Julius Amedume

After 50 years of marriage, Mary comes to terms with John, who is a shadow of his former self.


Director: Michael O'Kelly

Kasia hates Dominic. Dominic loves computers. Tim wants the film to start on time. A thumb comes between them all. One must go.


Director: Karan Kandhari

A melancholy comedy about three immigrants who meet on a cash-in-hand construction job in today's England.


Director: Matthew Docherty

Chris has been dreaming of the desert. Louis is obsessed with Chris. When they meet in the street, all hell breaks loose.

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