Electric Man


2012, 100 mins

In a run-down Edinburgh comic shop, skint co-owners Jason (Manley) and Wolf’s (McKirdy) landlord is demanding back rent with menaces. Fortunately, and by a circuitous route, Jason finds a copy of the ultra-rare first issue of Electric Man comic – worth squillions, and thus the answer to their problem.

However, seedy Uncle Jimmy (Fish, of Marillion fame) plans to steal it before they can sell it to a rich and mysterious collector who happens to share his name with Electric Man’s alter ego.

Aided by an ex-girlfriend and a concerned femme fatale, by turns our heroes lose, recover and lose the comic again. While those involved (with a couple of exceptions) are all first-timers and the budget was plainly minuscule, ELECTRIC MAN is an engaging romp.

Contains moderate sex references and mild language.

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