King of Devil's Island


Duration:116 mins

It's the middle of a bitter winter on an island in the Oslo fjord, where the young male inmates of the Bastøy Boys Reform School are subjected to daily emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the sadistic guards and Governor Bestyreren (Skarsgård, MELANCHOLIA).

They have adapted to survive, but it's a bleak, painful existence. Upon the arrival of a new inmate, 17-year-old Erling (Helstad), however, the boys become fixated on the wild idea of escaping the institution. None is more determined than Erling himself, who rallies his peers to rise up against the guards and put an end to Bestyreren's cruel regime once and for all.

Based on real events, KING OF DEVIL'S ISLAND is reminiscent of A PROPHET in its story of steel and courage in the face of extreme persecution.

Contains moderate violence and occasional gore.

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