Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.


United Kingdom 1966, 80 mins
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Starring: Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbens

Peter Cushing stars as the eccentric Time Lord in Flemyng’s second Who adventure.

A befuddled bobby (Cribbins) stumbles into the Tardis and discovers the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan (Tovey) and his niece Louise (Curzon).

Soon the four companions find themselves pitched into a future when London is under occupation by the Daleks. The Doctor and his friends join the underground resistance to battle their foes, facing setbacks, betrayals and tests of courage in the process.

With its dodgy spivs and have-a-go heroes, the narrative echoes the Nazi threat that was still a vivid memory for grown-up audiences of the time – indeed, the film is visually and morally a rather darker adventure than Flemyng’s earlier DR WHO AND THE DALEKS – but that won’t stop kids of all ages from enjoying the derring-do and Space Age gizmos.

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