Z Movies - Reefer Madness & Shorts


A night of so bad its awesome cinema, celebrating the unintentionally comedy that happens when the truly incompetent get by behind the lens.

Boys Beware – Beautifully made short warning children about the dangers of the homosexuals in their midst. (Sid Davis, 1961)

Live and Learn – The world is dangerous place, learn all about it is this vital piece of 50’s cinema. (Sid Davis, 1961)

A Young Man’s Fancy – Sparks fly in the this tale of unrequited love and electrical appliances. (Donald H. Brown, 1952)

Reefer Madness – All over the country kids are getting their deadly highs taking Marijuana (also known as Reefer). Learn why you should say no in this beloved classic. (Louis J. Gasnier, 1936)

£4 / £3 Concs / £2 Members