Z-Movies: I Was a Teenage Werewolf & Terrible Trailers


What is the best part of a trip to the cinema? Trailers and adverts of course! Which is why Z Movies is proud to present an evening of odd ball, rare and bizarre trailers, adverts and public information films preceding a screening of much loved horror classic “I Was Teenage Werewolf“.

Trailers and adverts have long been beloved by the public at large and the good people at Z Movies would like to celebrate this fact by presenting the public with some of the finest, weirdest and downright confusing trailers and adverts created by man.

“I Was a Teenage Werewolf” tells the story of Tony Rivers a normal teenage boy who one day is regressed into a primitive beastly form through the medium of mad science. Tony Rivers becomes a teenage werewolf and terrorizes his community. Can science control the monster it has created? Find out in this shocking expose into the world of teenage werewolves.

£4 - (Click on the show-time icon on the top right of this page for tickets)

*Slackers is a Picturehouse student membership which is FREE to join. Concessions are also available, in-person with valid ID. Subject to availability.

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