UCC: Scream 2


Duration:120 mins
Director: Wes Craven
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Arquette, Courteny Cox, Neve Campbell

We asked poet, author and professional Neve Campbell aficionado Joe Dunthorne (SUBMARINE) to pick a personal choice for Teenage Wasteland and he did not disappoint. SCREAM 2 builds on Wes Craven’s earlier post-modern slasher entries (SCREAM, NEW NIGHTMARE) by refining the formula even further, resulting in the most intelligent, terrifying and relentlessly unpredictable horror sequel ever made.

Joe says: “Traditionally, the filler bits between the scary bits in a horror film are just that — filler. But the SCREAM films manage to be funny then shit-scary then funny again. And although they gave birth to a lot of iffy self-aware horror films, they did it first and best.”

Joe will be performing a live tribute to NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET before the film.