UCC: Mallrats


United States 1995, 94 mins
Director: Kevin Smith
Starring: Michael Rooker, Jason Lee, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck

Though he jokingly apologised for the film’s failings at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards, Kevin Smith’s second film MALLRATS is perhaps the indie superstar’s definitive movie, filled to bursting with scatological anecdotes, masterful weed jokes and the brilliantly jarring presence of perennial stoners Jay & Silent Bob. As selected by singer-songwriter-mallrat Emmy the Great, this is a rare opportunity to see a true slacker masterpiece on the big screen.

Emmy says: “I was a Kevin Smith fan all the way until he made JERSEY GIRL. I even owned the Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob comics. MALLRATS was the absolute pinnacle of everything I loved about his films, full of cultural references, endlessly quotable at school, and it ended with a Weezer b-side. I watched it so many times I used to be able to watch it in my mind when I was bored. I can’t wait to see it again. THAT’S NOT A BOAT, IT’S A SCHOONER.”

Emmy the Great will be delivering a lecture on the great teen movie soundtracks before the film.