The Bourne Legacy


United States 2012, 135 mins
Director: Tony Gilroy
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton

Picking up where 2007's electrifying sequel THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM left off, this tough potboiler continues the story of Operation Treadstone, the top-secret CIA programme gone wrong.

With rogue Treadstone agent Jason Bourne now missing, presumed dead, and the CIA facing public exposure of its darkest secrets, Treadstone resolves to shut down its activities entirely, terminating all involved with extreme prejudice. Agent Aaron Cross (Renner) and CIA doctor Stephanie Snyder (Weisz) find themselves under deadly attack, and need to find a way to escape the murderous shutdown while simultaneously delving deeper into the CIA's darkest secrets.

This bullet-paced, high-octane ride is set to be the summer's slickest spy thriller.