Searching for Sugarman


Duration:86 mins
Director: Malik Bendjelloul

From the Oscar-winning producer of MAN ON WIRE, this documentary delves into the intriguing story of the little-known musician Rodriguez, the greatest '70s American rock icon that never was.

It tells of how two fans dedicated their lives to finding out what happened to this elusive songsmith. In attempting to strip away the myth surrounding Rodriguez, from his enigmatic life as a lost voice of the Motor City scene to his graphic apparent onstage suicide, the pair inadvertently embark on a journey so extraordinary it simply could not belong to fiction.

A huge hit at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award and Special Jury Prize, SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN is a documentary that will fascinate and astound in equal measure. A truly incredible and heartwarming story whose appeal will stretch far beyond music aficionados, it is a film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of poetry and music.

Contains one use of strong language and moderate drug references.