Rust and Bone


Duration:123 mins
Director: Jacques Audiard
Starring: Bouli Lanners, Armand Verdure, Corinne Masiero, Marion Cotillard, Matthias Schoenaerts

The casual hand of fate and its terrifying power to overturn lives is a theme much favoured by the great French writer-director Jacques Audiard (A PROPHET, THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED), and he explores it again in RUST AND BONE, co-written with Thomas Bidegain, with whom he collaborated on the script for A PROPHET.

Taciturn Ali and his young son Sam hitchhike from unexplained failures in northern France in hope of a better life with Ali's sister Louise in Antibes. The three initially endure a meagre existence funded by Louise's job as a supermarket cashier, but things take a dramatic turn when Ali gets a new job as a bouncer and rescues the glamorous, self-assured Stéphanie from a nightclub brawl.

Audiard's subtle direction gives RUST AND BONE an especially gritty and compelling realism.