Once Upon A Console


Remember when video games were special? A time before commuters replaced newspapers with Angry Birds. A time before farmers replaced farming with farmville. A time before Mario and Sonic became mates. A time before wireless controllers. A time before hollow victories against faceless players the other side of the world wide web. A time before the world wide web.

A time when all that mattered was coins, combos & cartridges. A time when you played multiplayer with your friends in the same room and it was the highlight of your week!

Once Upon A Console brings all this back & more. Expect some nostalgic blasts from the pixel-past, a light-gun arcade, thumb-recovery zone & prize tournament to determine who will be titled the night’s Games Knight! Oh and we expect there’ll be some blowing dust out of the cartridges too.

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Tickets: £3, £2 Concessions, £1 Members