North Sea Texas


Belgium 2012, 93 mins
Director: Bavo Defurne

NORTH SEA TEXAS is a poignant coming-of-age drama about the trials of growing up and falling in love.

In a sleepy Belgian coastal town a lonely young boy, Pim (newcomer Jelle Florizoone), dreams of a better life away from his neglectful dead-beat mother and her spiteful boyfriend. Pim eventually finds companionship in Marcella (Katelijne Damen, ANVERS), his mother's colleague, in the process developing a crush on her motorcycle-cruising son Gino (Mathias Vergels, BO).

With sexual awakening beckoning, Pim seizes the opportunity to explore his adolescent urges, but will Gino reciprocate his advances? This is a sincere feature debut from Bavo Defurne, who has previously impressed the festival circuit with his short films celebrating gay love.