NBCQ presents: The Joy of Six


Duration:73 mins
Director: Various

Soda Pictures and NBCQ present a perfect package of short films, showcasing the best of British screen and directing talent. This may be the only time you get to encounter Dame Judi Dench on Facebook, as a woman attempting to woo her local choirmaster through social media, or Peter Mullan giving a screen masterclass on how to smoke a cigarette (without the ash falling), or the rather handsome Luke Treadaway running... A LOT.

The programme also features Romola Garai's directorial debut, SCRUBBER, the story of a young mother who is obsessed with both the notions of perfection and dirt, which explores these seemingly conflicting opposites through the desperate pursuit of anonymous sex. These are award-winning British shorts making a splash at film festivals; they demonstrate that the Brits have got the inventiveness, poignancy, emotional intelligence and, of course, the laughs that make us warm to the short form.

73 mins.

Full programme:

LONG DISTANCE INFORMATION by Douglas Hart | MAN IN FEAR by Will Jewell | A GUN FOR GEORGE by Matthew Holness | SCRUBBER by Romola Garai | THE ELLINGTON KID by Dan Sully | FRIEND REQUEST PENDING by Chris Foggin