London Feminist Film Festival: Ladies' Turn + Panel Discussion


Senegal 2012, 65 mins
Director: Hélène Harder

Plus panel discussion including director Hélène Harder

In Senegal, as in most of the world, football is largely considered a sport for men, not women. Ladies’ Turn is a non-profit organisation working to give Senegalese women and girls their turn to play football and develop important leadership and teamwork skills. Ladies’ Turn recognises women’s football as a powerful tool for promoting gender equality, both by empowering the women who play and by presenting new role models to other women and girls. This film shows the determination of the players and of the Ladies’ Turn organisation, despite the challenges and prejudices they face. With the help of Ladies’ Turn, Senegalese women fight to follow their passion for playing football all the way from small neighbourhood fields to the tournament grounds in Dakar’s newest stadium. An inspiring story of women pushing boundaries.