Goodbye, First Love


France 2012, 110 mins
Director: Mia Hansen Løve
Starring: Lola Créton , Sebastian Urzendowsky

After impressing with 2009’s FATHER OF MY CHILDREN, it’s a pleasure to see French writer/director Mia Hansen-Løve return with her third semi-autobiographical feature, GOODBYE FIRST LOVE.

In late ‘90s Paris we meet Camille (Créton), a bookish and pure 15-year-old who falls in love with a strapping 19-year-old named Sullivan (Urzendowsky) one fine summer. When Sullivan leaves to go backpacking around South America, Camille clings to his letters.

But soon Sullivan’s pen runs dry, and Camille's lovesickness drives her to despair. Hansen-Løve explores the notion of first love, in all its emotional capriciousness.