Borrowed Time


Duration:88 mins
Director: Jules Bishop
Starring: Theo Barklem-Biggs, Philip Davis

Newbie writer-director Jules Bishop’s affecting comedy drama stars seasoned character actor Philip Davis as Philip, an irascible old recluse, opposite Theo Barklem-Biggs, his sometime co-star in BBC TV’s legal drama Silk.

Barklem-Biggs is the hapless and socially hopeless teenager Kevin, forced into burglary to repay a self-styled ninja drug dealer (Warren Brown) after bungling a dope delivery. But targeting Philip’s ramshackle terraced home proves to have been a big mistake when Kevin finds himself looking down the barrel of a blunderbuss wielded by this latter-day Steptoe Snr. Kevin’s weary contrition somehow softens Philip’s belligerence, and the two cautiously strike up an unlikely friendship based on shared circumstances.

Evidencing Bishop’s assured touch, fragments of dialogue from DIRTY HARRY and the BADLANDS soundtrack are playfully dotted about, and the leads, including Juliet Oldfield as Kevin’s tough single-mother sister, are consistently entertaining.