FRESH MEAT Series 2 Premiere

Fresh Meat Series 2 Premiere

The housemates are back for a second series of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong's (Peep Show) multi-award winning Fresh Meat and there is plenty in store for the group…

Kingsley has a new girlfriend, a self-styled ‘mental-dental’ who happens to be Josie’s new best friend. Oregon has swapped horses for the dog-eat-dog world of contemporary poetry, JP’s friend Giles has transferred from Exeter, but he has some big news to shatter JP’s world. Howard is moonlighting in the local abattoir and has started to bring home loose meat – ‘meatabix’ - to the consternation of all the other housemates, and Vod is skint. She owes everybody money and is trying to pay them back in Nectar Points. To top it off there is a new arrival in the house – "a foreigner" to mess with their vibe.

Channel 4 are offering you and four friends the chance to attend the VIP premiere of series 2 at Hackney Picturehouse this October. To enter simply go to the Fresh Meat Facebook page and vote for who you would snog, marry or share a kebab with.

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