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Hello there Hackney...

As with all Picturehouse cinemas, Hackney Picturehouse wouldn’t be complete without branching out a bit. We obviously love film, but like most of you, we like other good things too. That’s why the Attic is here... a top-floor haven, a home for those in need of a bit of extracurricular activity.

We bring you live bands and music from every genre and corner of the globe. We host festivals, cabaret, unique live-score events, spoken-word, DJ parties and short film nights, as well as workshops, “London’s best” film quiz, and open-mic to keep your imagination satisfied (alongside anything else we think you should be involved in).

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Get in touch if you're a musician, performer or a promoter, or you’re just a local who wants to say hello. You can also join our mailing list - we're very friendly here.

The Attic is also available for hire, so if you want us to help you throw a birthday bash, a wedding reception, a film screening or a pyjama party, we're good ‘n' ready for you. Just click here for more info.

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Please note that after 7.00, this venue is for over-18s only.