Town Of Runners


Ethiopia, United Kingdom 2012, 89 mins
Director: Jerry Rothwell

The world's best long-distance runners hail from one small town in Ethiopia. See how they do it!

Long-distance running is a way of life in the Arsi region of Ethiopia. In a country long associated with poverty, famine and war, world-record beating athletes are a source of pride.

Many of the world's greatest runners hail from Bekoji, a remote town in the southern Highlands. In the Beijing Olympics, runners from Bekoji won all four gold medals in the long-distance track events - more medals than most industrialised countries.

TOWN OF RUNNERS is a feature documentary about the young athletes born and raised in Bekoji, who hope to emulate their local heroes and compete on the world stage. Filmed over three years, the film follows their fortunes as they move from school track to national competition and from childhood to adulthood.

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