This Must Be the Place


Italy 2012, 118 mins
Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Starring: Sean Penn, Frances McDormand

Sean Penn plays an oddball retired rock star who goes on a road trip across the US in Paolo Sorrentino's (THE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE) first English-language film.

With a look apparently based on The Cure's Robert Smith, Sean Penn's star-turn Goth creation is fragile, reclusive and holed up just outside Dublin. His father's illness forces him back to America but in an unexpected turn of events, the washed-up rocker ends up on a hunt for a Nazi war criminal. Against a beautifully and distinctively shot landscape, this offbeat odyssey throws up one droll and surreal encounter after another. There are great cameos, including David Byrne in a live concert scene; the film is named after a Talking Heads song and Byrne also co-wrote the score.

Indeed, there are echoes of his TRUE STORIES, as well as PARIS, TEXAS and David Lynch’s THE STRAIGHT STORY.

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