Killer Joe


Duration:103 mins
Director: William Friedkin
Starring: Gina Gershon, Emile Hirsch, Matthew McConaughey, Thomas Haden Church, Juno Temple

It's 35 years since Friedkin directed THE FRENCH CONNECTION, but KILLER JOE sees the edgy quality that infused his cop thriller and his standout horror THE EXORCIST on full display once more.

Matthew McConaughey is toothpick-chewing, spur-clinking charmer Joe Cooper, a law enforcer by day and a ruthlessly efficient contract killer by night. Chris Smith (Hirsch) is in debt to some strong-arms, and his mother has an attractive life insurance policy which could solve all his problems. He calls in Joe, but Joe wants cash up front. When that proves impossible, Joe asks for a retainer, in the form of sex with Chris's sister.

It all comes to a head in a visceral climactic scene that will not only test your stomach but also leave you in awe of Friedkin's singular exploitation anarchism.

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