Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 2D


United States 2012, 94 mins
Starring: Michael Caine, Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Brad Peyton

Intrepid young explorer Sean Anderson (Hutcherson) traces a mysterious distress signal to a remote island that isn't on any map, and he embarks on a daring rescue mission while encountering a vast array of mythological creatures in this follow-up to 2008's JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH.

Joined by his new stepfather (Johnson), an adventure-seeking helicopter pilot (Guzman) and the pilot's headstrong daughter (Hudgens), Sean navigates the crumbling stone corridors of Atlantis and comes face-to-face with bizarre life-forms while on a mission to track down his long-missing grandfather (Caine).

And as seismic shockwaves threaten mass destruction, the group must race to escape the otherworldly paradise before the ocean swallows it up.

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