Electrick Children


Duration:95 mins
Director: Rebecca Thomas
Starring: Julia Garner, Billy Zane, Rory Culkin, Liam Aiken

WITNESS meets ALMOST FAMOUS by way of early Gus Van Sant in this gleefully odd, dazzling coming-of-age tale.

The film follows young Mormon virgin Rachel (Garner), who awakens one day to find herself inexplicably pregnant after secretly listening to a forbidden tape of The Nerves' classic hit Hanging on the Telephone.

Facing shame in her community and a forced marriage, Rachel flees and, accompanied by her stern cousin Mr Will (Aiken), hits the road in search of the singer on the tape - the man she is convinced has made her pregnant through music.

Lost in Las Vegas, the oddball pair fall in with a bunch of slacker skater punk-rockers led by dreamy lost boy Clyde (Culkin), and are thrown into a very different new world full of music, romance and possibility.

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