Brave 3D


United States 2012, 100 mins
Director: Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews
Starring: Robbie Coltrane, Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Julie Walters

Pixar is back with a computer-animated 3D story that evokes the classic fairy-

tale formula of Disney's early hand-drawn gems. Set in the rugged, emerald

wilds of the ancient Scottish Highlands, BRAVE follows a young princess

named Merida as she challenges tradition and faces her destiny head on.

A skilled archer and a feisty free spirit, Merida is determined to break free from

the patriarchal shackles of her father's (Connolly) kingdom, and causes a

stir among the citizens when she participates in a long-established archery

contest. Amidst the ensuing commotion she turns to an eccentric old Wise

Woman (Walters) and is granted a wish that will plunge everyone she holds

dear into danger. With a dark curse unleashed, Merida will have to muster all

of her strength and courage to restore harmony to the land.

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