A Simple Life


Duration:118 mins
Director: Ann Hui
Starring: Andy Lau, Sui-man Chim, Deannie Yip, Raymond Chow

A heart-warming, low-key study of ageing and the tender bond between a nanny/housemaid and her now adult charge, Ann Hui's exquisite film stars Yip as the elderly Ah Tao, lifelong servant to film producer Roger (Lau).

After suffering a stroke, Ah Tao must move into a care home. Used to taking meticulous care of her master for so many years, she suddenly finds their positions reversed, as Roger becomes her principal carer and must learn to look after her as she had done him for so long.

Beautifully acted and elegantly observed, A SIMPLE LIFE is a rewarding and humane film that wholly avoids sentimentality and moves towards an uplifting conclusion that is entirely fitting for a film so infused with warmth and compassion.

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