Withnail and I (re: 2007)


United Kingdom 1987, 107 mins
Director: Bruce Robinson
Starring: Paul Mcgann, Richard Griffiths, Richard E Grant

Robinson’s nostalgic and semi-autobiographical debut quickly blossomed into an acerbic student cult classic but it is also justifiably lauded as one of the finest British comedies of its time.

The film concerns two unemployed actors living in Camden in 1969.

"I'', or Marwood (McGann), is a drifter and Withnail (Grant) is his eccentric, selfish roommate; both are very much children of the Sixties.

Fed up with London, they embark on a disastrous weekend in the countryside in the hope of finding rejuvenation.

All does not go according to plan when they arrive to find their destination is a run-down farmhouse.

At times riotously funny, and at other times delicately understated and loaded with poignancy, this is a film to cherish again and again.