Glyndebourne: Don Giovanni (Captured Live in 2010)


United Kingdom 2010, 225 mins

Aided by his faithful valet Leporello, the licentious Don Giovanni has had his wicked way with hundreds of women.

When he makes advances towards the virtuous Donna Anna, her father, the Commendatore, attempts to save her, and Giovanni kills him in a fight.

Anna’s fiancé Don Ottavio swears revenge, and the couple form an alliance with Donna Elvira, whom Giovanni has seduced and abandoned.

Giovanni’s amorous adventures continue as he interrupts a wedding party to make off with the bride, much to the consternation of the groom and guests. But in the end he receives a spectacular comeuppance.

Hiding from the angry crowd in a graveyard, Giovanni mockingly invites the statue of Anna’s dead father to dinner. The ghost of the Commendatore accepts the invitation and dispenses supernatural justice, dragging the unrepentant Giovanni down into hell.