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Celebrate the golden days of cinema at a Reminiscence screening near you!

Reminiscence screenings are regular movie showings for anyone who enjoys a bit of cinematic nostalgia - film lovers young and old are treated to a slice of film history and a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.

Classic film screenings take place once a month with an informal introduction and discussion afterwards with a film expert, at a reduced ticket price for the over-60s (not available at The Gate due to space and scheduling restrictions). Anybody is welcome to attend.

We choose our programme carefully to offer a variety of classic films as well as lesser-known features, and we welcome suggestions from our audience. If there is something that you would love to see up on the big screen again, or if you have any other enquiries about the Reminiscence programme, get in touch!

Please Note: Wheelchair users MUST book in advance for all screenings.

To find out more or to be added to the mailing list, email with 'Reminiscence' and your local Picturehouse in the subject line, or call 07967 047 401. .

For the latest updates follow us on Twitter @PHEducation or check out the Reminiscence page on the Picturehouse Education blog

Sorry, there is nothing available to book. Films are programmed on a Monday and go on sale on a Tuesday - please try again then.