Breathing (Atmen)


Austria 2011, 94 mins
Director: Karl Markovics

Karl Markovics, star of 2007’s THE COUNTERFEITERS, makes a stunning debut as writer and director.

Nineteen-year-old juvenile delinquent Roman Kogler (newcomer Schubert) lives in a detention facility on the outskirts of Vienna. His parole officer is desperate to get him work to help him make the transition back to life outside, but nothing seems to fit, until Roman lands a job transporting corpses for a local morgue.

In the company of the dead he is left to contemplate his wrongdoings and ultimately face the question of whether or not he is ready to rejoin society. Markovics tells the story with quiet care and confidence, and Schubert’s performance conveys a wealth of emotion in the tiniest of gestures.

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