Total Recall


United States 1990, 118 mins
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger

See TOTAL RECALL back on the big screen, projected from a brand-new and director-approved high definition restoration, taken from the original negative.

They stole his mind… now he wants it back! In a futuristic world, construction worker Doug Quaid obsesses about taking a vacation on Mars. His wife objects, so he instead opts to have an artificial memory of a Martian holiday implanted into his mind.

The trouble is, during the implant procedure, he suffers a strange reaction. It seems as though he has already been to Mars, but his memories of the journey have been wiped...

Now secret agents and the cohorts of a megalomaniacal industrialist are out to get him. Can Quaid experience total recall, and finally figure out just why everyone is trying to stop him from reaching the red planet?