Forgiveness of Blood


Albania 2012, 109 mins
Director: Joshua Marston
Starring: Sindi Lacej, Tristan Halilaj, Refet Abazi

In only his second feature following his Oscar-nominated 2004 drug-mule saga MARIA FULL OF GRACE, Joshua Marston directs another tale of domestic conflict.

Albanian teenagers Nik (Halilaj) and Rudina (Lacej) grimly try to maintain their family's modest bread delivery business while their father is in hiding following the death of a farmer who objected to his driving across land that was once theirs. The consequence is a blood feud formally mandated by the ancient laws of the Kanun, which demand retribution.

Rudina must become the breadwinner because, as a male, Nik will be subject to summary and brutal justice if caught outside their home. The film follows their cat-and-mouse efforts to survive, which are not helped by the occasional reappearance of their recklessly proud father. A riveting study of hardship and tradition in a post-communist state.

Contains moderate threat.

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