British Animation Awards 2012 Programme 1

[no certificate]

2012, 80 mins
Director: Various

Bare | Helen Dallat | 3' | International Film School, Wales

A bear moves to the woods but soon finds out that he doesn't like the mess.

Matter Fisher | David Prosser | 7.5' | Royal College of Art

A perplexed fisherman becomes united with a fragment of estranged matter.

The Squirrel and the Penguin | Jens Blank & Anna Benner | 5'

A quizzical exploration of the pitfalls we goyim face when talking about Jewish culture and the elephant in the room that is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Tchaikovsky - an elegy | Barry JC Purves | 13' | Loose Moose

An interpretation of the composer Tchaikovsky's life and work.

Slow Derek | Daniel Ojari | 8' | Royal College of Art

The tale of Derek, an office worker, as he struggles with the true speed of planet earth.

Get Well Soon: Zoe | Kim Alexander | 2' | 12foot6

A drunken injury while dressed as a chicken.

Gorillaz: Stylo | Pete Candeland & Jamie Hewlett | 5' | Passion Pictures for EMI Records ltd., 2010

With a guest appearance from Bruce Willis.

Big Scary: Mix Tape | Alice Dupre |3' | Sherbet Animation for PIeater

A combined 2D and 3D animated promo for Melbourne duo Big Scary

TV on the Radio: Second Song | Mikey Please | 4.5' | Agile Films for Interscope Records, 2011

A wanderer makes his way through a world in flux, between a state of chaos and a state of order, in the hope of finding some sort of balance.

Spin | Max Hattler | 4'

When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred.

Bertie Crisp | Francesca Adams | 6' | National Film and Television School

Based on memories of childhood holidays in Skegness, this is an affectionate but darkly humorous look at the people who live on caravan sites all year round.

Toyota: Auto Biography | Julia Pott | 1' | For Saatchi & Saatchi, L.A.

Drew's journey to adulthood with a few stops along the way.

Kia Soul: This or That | Antoine Bardou-Jacquet | 1' | Partizan for David & Goliath, L.A.

3 king-of-the-ghetto hamsters use the lyrics "You can get with this... or you can get with that" to compare the Kia Soul's cool credentials against alternative modes of transport.

Intel: The Chase | Smith & Foulkes | 2' | Nexus Productions for Venables Bell + Partners

A breakneck, 911 action-chase scene – a showcase for the new processor's amazing capacity.

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