Big Tits Zombie (3D)


Japan 2010, 73 mins
Director: Takao Nakano

ZOMBIE STRIPPERS meets THE EVIL DEAD Japanese style BIG TITS ZOMBIES, an insane horror-comedy that delivers everything the title promises and much, much more... all in eye-popping, in-your-face 3D!

Written and directed by Takao Nakano, the man who brought you SEXUAL PARASITE: KILLER PUSSY, SUMO VIXENS and the EXORSISTER movies, BIG TITS ZOMBIES is based on Rei Mikamoto's infamous manga, 'Kyonyu Dragon', and stars legendary Japanese porn idols Sola Aoi and Risa Kasumi; the hugely popular pin-up model, Mari Sakurai; and controversial comedian, Minoru Torihada.

Exotic dancer Lena Jodo (Aoi) gets what she hopes will be a temporary gig dancing at a rundown hot springs resort in a deserted town. Her fellow strippers - Ginko (Kasumi), Maria (Sakurai), Nene and Dana - seem to spend most of their downtime sitting around bitching at each other, until one afternoon, after discovering a hidden door in their dressing room, they decide to break the monotony by venturing into the club's basement. There, they unearth a mysterious well and, nearby, a dusty volume that Maria declares is a rare copy of the Book of the Dead.

Reading aloud from the tome, Maria inadvertently summons the dead back to life and soon Japan is overrun by rampaging flesh-eaters. For the strippers, however, that's of no interest. For the time being, at least, the only zombies they are worried about are those who have descended upon their club and are ready to chow down on their bare, tasty and voluptuous bodies. What's worse, though, is that Maria, on discovering she has the power to control the un-dead as her slaves, has gone power-mad and is intent on ruling the world with the help of her zombie army. Arming themselves with some swords and chainsaws that are handily lying around, the remaining busty babes are forced to employ their formidable ass-kicking skills in a fight to the un-death!

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