Free Men


2012, 99 mins
Director: Ismael Ferroukhi

Director Ismaël Ferroukhi (LE GRAND VOYAGE) and co-writer Alain-Michel Blanc (THE CONCERT) explore a little-known chapter of 20th-century history in this tense period drama.

FREE MEN tells the story of the dangerous work Muslims undertook for the French Resistance. Tahar Rahim (A PROPHET) plays Younes, an Algerian immigrant living in Paris at the height of the occupation during World War II.

When the Gestapo catch him selling black market goods, he is offered a deal: charges will be dropped if he infiltrates a Mosque which has fallen under Nazi suspicion. But Younes’s bungling attempts to spy are soon uncovered, and after he sees the consequences of Nazi brutality, he decides he must help the Resistance.

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