School Holiday Matinees at Cinema City

Cinema City has plenty to keep the troops entertained during the summer holidays...


21 - 26 July

The fairy-tale-inspired Disney classic is back on the big screen in time for summer. Set in a French village in the heart of a majestic forest, it tells the story of wholesome bookworm Belle (Paige O'Hara, ENCHANTED), who sets out to rescue her father Maurice after he stumbles into the castle of the eponymous hirsute prince one fateful snowy night. After making her way to the castle Belle offers to take her father's place as the Beast's prisoner, prompting a rescue mission led by egotistical local hunter Gaston, who wishes to make Belle his bride. Having more than stood the test of time, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST remains one of the most captivating animated features of the past few decades.

The fairy tale-inspired Disney classic is back on the big screen in time for summer. 


27 July - 2 August

TWILIGHT's Kristen Stewart and THOR's Chris Hemsworth star in first-time director Rupert Sanders' stylised twist on the classic fairy tale Snow White. When Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron, YOUNG ADULT) is overcome with envy after learning that there is a maiden fairer than her in the land, she sends a noble Huntsman (Hemsworth) to kill her. Upon coming face-to-face with Snow White, however, the Huntsman cannot bring himself to see the job through, and instead commits himself to training the young heroine to challenge the wicked queen for the throne. With a top cast and some eye-catching set pieces, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN is one of 2012's must-see fantasy dramas.
Contains moderate violence and threat.


27 July - 2 August

For his latest feature-length gem, the inimitable French animation legend Michel Ocelot (KIRIKOU AND THE SORCERESS) composes a series of silhouette vignettes, each inspired by a different fable. One night, in an old Parisian cinema, a young boy and girl meet up with an elderly projectionist to share and act out stories. With the help of a little bit of magic, we are transported into a miscellany of captivating worlds, each more enchanting than the last. All six shorts share a distinct fairy-tale narrative thread, but there is an originality and contemporary edge to Ocelot's vivid palette that will delight young and old alike.


3 - 9 August

After a ten-year hiatus, the MIB are back. Based on the popular Malibu/Marvel comic book series, MEN IN BLACK III sees Agent J (Will Smith) travel back to 1969 to stop an alien named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from assassinating Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and dramatically altering the history of the planet. Our shade-wearing, big-gun-toting hero is in for a culture shock when he crash-lands in the Swinging Sixties and teams up with a no-nonsense young K (Josh Brolin, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN). Adding to his woes is the 24-hour window he's got to stop Boris and return to the present day before being trapped in the past forever. Fans of the franchise can expect plenty more sci-fi fantasy thrills and spills from this long-awaited sequel.


3, 4, 6, 7  &  8 August

Shania and Lisa are from different worlds, but with one thing in common: they can run. Fast. As they are two of the best young female sprinters in the country, the logical thing is to match them up with two others and form an unbeatable 4 X 100 sprint relay quartet. The problem is, Shania isn't very good with teams. She and Lisa are soon at loggerheads on and off the track. A strong cast of young British stars is supported by some excellent turns from older hands, including Rupert Graves (MADE IN DAGENHAM) as Lisa's former Olympic-winning father, Philip Davis (VERA DRAKE) as Shania's mentor and Noel Clarke (KIDULTHOOD), who co-scripted, as the coach who has to get the FAST GIRLS working together. A feel-good drama for this sporting summer.
Contains infrequent strong language.